Where Is The Best Place To Part My Hair

Where Is The Best Place To Part My Hair?

Changing the place you part your hair can actually make you look as if you had a makeover! A simple change of parting your hair, for example from straight down the middle to parting it on the side can make you look like you are sporting an entirely new look.

If you are trying to determine overall what the best part is for you, go with the shape of your face. Rule of thumb usually goes as follows:

Round or Square-shaped faces look great with a deep side part because it gives the illusion of elongated features.

Heart-shaped faces look great with a part down the middle when you have long hair, and a side part looks great if you have shorter hair. Both looks help elongate or thin out your face since heart-shaped faces tend to be wider by the cheekbones.

Oval-shaped faces can pretty much look great and can try any style, so the option is open to them!

Use your facial features to help you select your part. Did you know that everyone has a side to their face that is stronger or ‘more pronounced’ than the other side? This can help determine where you part. How can you tell which side? Take a mirror and study your features on each side of your face. Your dominant side will be the one with more upturned features.

But the final decision is yours. You may prefer one side of your face to the other. If you feel you have a better side, go with your choice!

Another way to determine where you should part your hair depends on what look you are trying to achieve. For example, a sleek bob looks great with a middle part, which a more relaxed, effortless look can be achieved best with a side part.

By trying different parts, you are able to try a whole collection of looks without committing to any of them. It’s a fun and stress-free way to find your next look.

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