The Correct Use Of Styling Tools: What They Are And What They Do

The Correct Use Of Styling Tools: What They Are And What They Do

There are so many new styling tools available, it can be hard to keep up with what does which! But don’t worry; below we gathered five of the top tools of the trade and have thoroughly explained what they do.


One tool does it all! An innovative, effective curling wand that features high power, Sleep mode, 5 interchangeable heads to create the perfect sexy curls, soft waves and incredible texture with fast variable heat for consistent, dependable, results on any type of hair. My go to styling tool!


One of the most popular hair styling tools on the marketing today, ceramic flat irons create negative ions, so when you apply it to hair, it instantly reduces static and keeps that sleek look. This tool is the one to reach for every time you want to create a frizz-free, smooth and silky hair style.


Everyone has tried to tease up our hair at one time or another, only to give up since it doesn’t seem to be working. Well, finally there is a specific brush with the meaning in its name that easily teases hair and helps it stay where you want it.


This is an old favorite that seems to have been around since forever, and is found in every woman’s beauty arsenal. Simple definition: This product is a wand created to make stunning spiral curls. (To be fair, there are different curling irons more specific to other curls, but we all know that already, right?)


This is one of the newer salon tools around. Its purpose is to create gorgeous relaxed waves, and it seems to have been aimed specifically towards those with super straight, thin hair. It is easy to use as it is created much like a hot iron straightener, but it makes wavy curls instead.


Your grandmother had a set, your mother had a set, but rest assured what is on the market now is not your average archaic rollers. In this day and age, hot rollers provide volume, dependable curls that last, and are so easy to use.

So…is YOUR arsenal up to date with these beauties?

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