how to put in hair rollers

How To Put In Hair Rollers


Do you want to transform straight, limp hair into waves and curls with loads of volume? Great! Are you sure you are using hair rollers correctly and to the best of their ability? If dubious, here’s a quick crash course in applying hair rollers correctly. When I think of hair rollers I think of velcro rollers or heated rollers.

1.Wash and condition as usual. The lucky ones with thick, long locks can skip conditioning their hair as it will just cause it to weigh down. Use a spray conditioner on that type of hair instead.

Velcro rollers add bounce and curl to your hair, this is how to put them in

Comb through the hair evenly.

2.Towel dry hair but keep it damp. A hair dryer is not needed since it can bring static and frizz. Apply a styling product to hair and comb the hair to ensure the product gets applied evenly throughout.

3.Remember to direction the hair as to where you want the hair to sit. Section off the hair into fours: two sections on the crown, one section on the right the other on the left and two sections at the back, again, one section to the right, one to the left. Keep each section clipped apart from each other.

4.Begin with the left side of the crown. Take the hair and, while using a tail comb, gather a section of hair that is of relevant length to the hot roller being used, and comb upward.

Heated roller set

5.With one hand, hold the end of the hair up and use the other hand to apply the roller to it. Fold the end of the hair over the roller so it adheres tightly and you are able to roll the curler all the way to the scalp and pin to stay. Remember to roll so the curl is aimed towards the back. Use the tail of your comb to guide the ends in evenly. 

6.Repeat the curling step throughout the front two crown sections. Remember, rollers should be rolled toward the back, not the front, of the head.

7.Now go to the back two sections and repeat the same steps as you did rolling the crown sections.

Direction your rollers to where you want your hair to sit

8.While the rollers sit on your damp hair, and remain there until hair is completely dry, spritz the hair with a light hairspray.

9.To check if the hair is dry and curled, unroll one curler from the top of the head and judge from it. If damp, reroll the curler and wait for the hair to dry. If hair is completely dry, you may remove all the curlers.

10.Separate the curls with your fingers, then style as desired.



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