how to create curls that last

How To Create Curls That Last

How To Create Curls That Last

If you are trying to achieve a hairstyle that revolves around beautiful, bouncy curls, nothing is more frustrating than spending all that time getting your hair the way you want it, only for the curls to slide out of your hair after a short time. But help is on the way! By using the right products and hair styling tools, you just may have seen your last disappearing curl!

How to create curls that last

It all starts with how you wash your hair. Do not use a shampoo or conditioner than is heavy with products and treatments. What you need is quite the opposite: find a shampoo and conditioner that is light moisture. This type of hair product will not dry your hair out but it will feel lighter.

Don’t let your hair air dry. This is where you can get a jump on your hair to prepare it to follow your orders. A combination of hair oil and mousse will keep your hair from turning frizzy and your future curls going fuzzy.

To keep the curl in your hair, pin them up while you do your makeup

Applying a curl enhancing product is highly recommended next, before you blow dry your hair.

Next, dry your hair using a blow dryer with a diffuser on it. Make sure to dry your hair with your head upside down, so you get the volume and body that you need.

Once dry, use a setting spray to help you keep those curls you are about to make. A lot of the sprays on the market offer heat protection (from your rollers or curling iron) as an added plus. If you find you do not have any setting spray, hair spray can do the trick to help keep your curls.

If you are curling your hair by curling wand, make sure that you have a curling made of ceramic or tourmaline. This is an upgrade in technology professionals have found to deliver consistent heat and a beautiful curl without damaging or scorching your hair.

Using a setting spray to create the firmest long lasting curl in your hair

Hot rollers may work better than a curling iron if your hair is really fine, limp, or very stubborn when it comes to holding a curl. There are great sets on the market today to use, and I suggest you leave the rollers in your hair longer than recommended if you’re able to.

Once those curls are the way you want them, the final touch is applying a firm finishing spray that seals the curl and lets them stay with you throughout the day. You don’t have to soak your hair in finishing spray; a ‘helmet head’ look with curls that don’t move is not what you are going for. Use a finishing spray that holds, adds shine, and has a pleasant scent.

It may sound like a lot of steps, but it really isn’t. This is just a thorough step-by-step process explained on how to curl your hair. You’ll be a master of them in no time!

Have fun x

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