how a new hairstyle can transform a person

How A New Hairstyle Can Transform A Person

So often a new client comes in and wants a totally transforming hairstyle and colour. How important is it to make sure your consultation goes well, and you ask all the relevant questions as to the whys and what they need. 

Transformation 1:

Client no 1: I have a regular client, when I say regular she actually comes in every three months or so, she just grows her hair out in between, love the fact she likes a big transformation. She is absolutely a wonderful positive lady, and doesn't mind what you do, having a beautiful wave and lots of body the styles are endless!

Question: Do you just do whatever the client wants or do you chat re skin tone, face shape, manageability, ongoing maintenance at home?

Transformation 2:

Client no 2: went through a time where she to liked lots of different colours, very short, wore quite spiky, then decided wanted to grow a little, and have something a little more low maintenance, so we are now doing Jeval no 9 and 9.1 with 20 vol, with some highlights in the top, (will add a photo soon) is so easy for her to do as she often wears a hat and is out in the sun. 

Transformation No 3:

Client no 3: Prepping hair for a wedding day is so important in many ways. Taking in to consideration the weather, the texture and style the bride is having. So preparation is key. Setting the foundation for a long lasting bridal hairstyle, by using, the correct products, styling tools and added hair pieces, blending all these tools and knowledge, leads to hair lasting which is a very long day for brides. 

Question: would you do a hairstyle on a bride knowing full well it would not last the day? i.e. you have looked at the weather forecast and

A. storm coming through or

B. heatwave

You must talk to your bride be honest, and advise your thoughts as a professional stylist. 

 Transformation No 4:

Client no 4: Judy has super curly hair, not lots of hair just quite curly and frizzy, so rewarding doing Judy's hair as it always comes out amazing. She likes to be able to have it straight enough that she doesn't have to do anything, apart from use maintenance products, this smoothing treatment grows out of the hair, Matrix Opti Smooth , treatments like the Brazilain Cacau Keratin Smoothing, lasts 3-4 months it is heat activated so you actually need to dry it, read more about both treatments by clicking through links 


Get in touch for your transformation, weither it be a colour, a style cut, a bridal hairstyle or a smoothing treatment, full consultation given to all clients, personalised one on one salon care. 

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