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Personalised Hair Styling Course

Are you looking for some Personalised Salon Training! We are excited to share with you all the contemporary and up-to-date information and services we offer to the salon professional.

Our goal is for you to fall back in love with being a qualified, creative hair stylist by brushing up on your skills and learning new tips and tricks as well. You have the opportunity to spend time with Diane, a master stylist of over thirty years, specialising in bridal hair styles for the last twenty.

We are so excited to present to you a number of courses and options for you to partake in. Our learning courses currently are full days 8.30 – 4.30, fully hands on training with models. Our classes are taught one-on-one, in our studio. We also offer half and full day training days with groups up to 4.

Are you looking to get well educated with your growing & taking photos for your social media? we would love to share with you some of the latest ways of branding your work & marketing yourself and your business. We will be adding the option of half-day study through social media, which we hope will be not only fun a fun way to learn, but also a unique method for all to enjoy.

Be ready to not only have a great time, but also be prepared to either brush up on skills you learned when you were a stylist apprentice or learn some new techniques: Hair padding, back-combing, pinning, and conquering curls, creating a sleek head of hair, creating hair buns and fishtail braids, not to mention those gorgeous soft unstructured hairstyles that are so on trend at the moment! Moreover, we will do in-depth review of styling tools, basic knowledge of hair, parting, extensions, and hair products.

You will be able to practice –hands on- different methods so you will know how to keep elegant styles from falling out of place and keep luxurious curls from wilting like hot house flowers.

SDS Hair Group is located in Wynnum in Brisbane: only twenty minutes from the airport and a quick five minute walk to various accommodation.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to strengthen your skills and gain more experience as a professional stylist. The key to being one of the best is to be steps ahead of the competition, and that is what Up Style strives to do. We want to help hone your skills, abilities, and capabilities by providing you with only the best and newest information in the world of styling. You will be amazed how our classes remind you how much skill and talent you have in your chosen field, and you will improve your confidence along with your technical abilities.

We are really looking forward to hearing from you. Give us a call, text, or e-mail today to receive more information. You are just steps away from a great experience and we can’t wait to meet you!