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How To Acheive Barrel Curls

The very popular barrel curls that are the rage right now are not just a styling technique. This look is maximally achieved by a specific haircut and hair length, preferably medium to long length hair with long layers throughout.

After you wash and towel-dry your hair, apply some volumizing or texturizing spray into your roots. Make note to massage it into your scalp because rubbing your scalp may create more body and volume.

Grab your blow dryer and dry your hair with your head upside down to create more volume. Once your hair is completely dry, turn your blow dryer setting to COLD and blow cold air onto your roots. A little known secret is cold air helps lock in your style you’re trying to achieve.

Separate your hair into three to four sections, clipping the sections.

Spritz the first section of hair you are working on with texturizing or hair spray. Curl each section of hair at a time, using a curling iron that specifically is wide barrel, at least 1.5 inches. Make sure you are wrapping the hair around the barrel to achieve the curl. Remember, the longer you leave your hair in the barrel the tighter the curl will be.

Repeat the above curling steps through each section of your hair, alternating the direction of your curl.

When you have completed all the curls, remove the nozzle from your blow dryer and gently loosen your curls with your fingers and cool air. Don’t use a brush to separate them!

Set your hair with your favorite hairspray or holding spritz; just don’t create ‘helmet head’ with too much of it. Your look is achieved!

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