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SDS Hair Group

Hairstyling With Finesse

Pre Photo

Wanted to share with you my process for style cut & colour changes. This morning was a huge morning for Sharlene, she went from hair nearly to her bottom to hair to her shoulders, not only had it being giving her headaches but, she was well and truly ready for a change. We started off by the style cut, as we had to have a huge chop, and were layering we needed to get our style right ready for foiling.

First photo is our pre photo 2nd photo is our length we are after and the 3rd is the layering process.

Sharlene has alot of hair, we did very fine foils 3/4 head down to gorgeous blonde, as Sharlenes hair has quite a red reflect, did take a while, but blended beautifully with the foils, no toner. The three photos of the foiling and the colour placement,  specially placing the foils firstly around the face as Sharlene wanted to have the option to wear off her face in a sleek pony tail or wear blow-dryed and smoothed with the flat iron down.

Finally finessing the look for Sharlene with a full blowdry and finalising with a wide plate flat iron from H2D Styling. Certainly gives Sharlene and new look and yes she sure does feel like she has had a change.

My salon is only one on one- personalised care.

This process took 4.5 hours

Products used: Wella Blondor + Foil Me Foils + NAK Aroma Oil + Revita Shine & Protect +Wahl Hair Dryer + H2D Wide Plate Flat Iron