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  /  Creativity   /  Why a Smoothing Treatment During Winter Will Keep Hair Healthy and Shiny

Why a Smoothing Treatment During Winter Will Keep Hair Healthy and Shiny

It doesn’t matter what current season you’re in, taking care of your hair with quality products will keep it healthy and smooth all year round. A colour safe product such as the ammonia-free Keratin Smoothing Treatment will get you through the winter and make way for spring. If you’re hesitant to try this product read all about it before you make a decision. Soon you’ll discover that this smoothing treatment will not only allow you to tame your tresses, but it will also add moisture and make your hair shine. Allow your hair to truly gleam during the winter time and beyond and people will wonder what makes your hair so healthy and lustrous looking.

Gentle on Your Hair

The Quantum Keratin Smoothing Treatment is a gentle product, which means it won’t strip your hair of its natural nutrients. Hair cuticles must stay in tact in order for your hair to not suffer from dead ends and other harmful elements. Many products can be damaging to your hair, leading to dead ends and dryness. However this smoothing treatment is not only gentle, it will nourish your cuticles, allowing you to enjoy shiny locks that you will love.

What’s more, a Keratin Treatment is free of formaldehydes and ammonia. All of these substances are harmful to your hair and this smoothing treatment is made so that it nourishes your hair as opposed to harming it. Be gentle on your hair by using the Keratin treatment and you’ll definitely see and feel the difference it makes.

Forget the Frizz


If you happen to live near the beach or have naturally curly hair, don’t worry about losing your curls if you have your stylist apply this product during your next hair appointment. This smoothing treatment reduces curl, but does not take it completely away. Instead it makes your curls manageable, beautiful, and easy to style. Your hair is so manageable that it is easy to style your hair any day of the week.


Replenish and Revitalize


What’s better than revitalizing and replenishing your tresses? Take an hour or more (depending on your hair’s length) to apply this 2-step treatment during your next hair appointment and it will last up to three months, especially if you use aftercare quality products that will help you maintain your hair’s health and shine.


Enjoy an outstanding Keratin treatment next time you get your hair styled and your locks will not only look healthy and shiny, but they will be extra soft too. This winter enjoy styling your hair and when spring arrives your tresses will continue to look gorgeous!