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Brazilian Cacau Keratin Treatment

Am sure the Brazilian Cacau Keratin Treatment is for us time poor people! Having had it done 5 times before myself I cannot say enough about it.  When we are all on the go these days have places to go, not only does it save you at least 20 mins drying time and another 10 mins flat iron straightening time, 30 minutes time saved already.

Condition wise it absolutely leaves your hair in amazing condition. Smoother, no fluffies and holds so well, you will never be worried about being caught in the rain ever! I am a very curly haired girl; Shirley Temple curls had nothing on my “Polly pot scrub” curls! Actually did like my curls but really wanted a new me a “new look”, keratin treatment the perfect way to have a new look, not be perfectly straight, but be able to do so many more different looks with your hair.

Frequently asked questions:

How long do I have to wait to wash it?

Do I have to use a special shampoo and conditioner?

Can I put my hair up?

What is the cost?

How do I maintain and get longer out of my Brazilian Cacau Keratin Treatment?

When can I get a colour?

Choosing the right person to do your keratin

Firstly, you can wash your hair the very next day, you must use keratin shampoo and conditioner to maintain your keratin treatment, using aftercare products helps you to look after your treatment to get longer lasting effects of the keratin. You can colour your hair from 4 days after your treatment. The cost depends on the length and how much hair you have you must purchase the aftercare shampoo and conditioner, ensures the investment you have made in your hair will last and you will get the most out of it.

The type of hair that is suitable for the Brazilian Cacau is all types except for full head bleach.