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SDS Hair Group

30 Best Platinum Blonde Hair Colours to Try

Platinum blonde hair is a highly-coveted shade. While blondes can be found in all parts of the world, only 2% of the world’s population remains a natural blonde as an adult. The evolution of light hair is related to the body’s synthesis of Vitamin D.

Lighter hair and skin allow more sunlight to trigger the production of Vitamin D, which explains why more natural blondes are found in Europe and other sunlight-deficient areas. If you’re ready to take your hair to the next level of platinum blonde, check out these gorgeous photos for your hair inspiration.

  1. Smoky platinum blue hair with shadow roots
  2. Platinum Blonde with honey highlights
  3. Platinum with Low Lights
  4. Lilac Purple Hues
  5. Crown Braids
  6. Bright Platinum Blonde
  7. Bright Platinum Blonde Highlights
  8. Golden Platinum
  9. Dimensional Platinum Blonde
  10. Lived In Icy Platinum

Want to know more? See what we did there? If you are keen to know the rest, then pop on in and let’s have a chat about your 2019 Hair Goals. We have Afterpay so you can afford to look good now & pay later!